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Will cities survive and thrive?

Twenty years ago, Richard Florida coined the phrase “creative class” with a theory that clusters of knowledge workers make more prosperous cities. Now he’s thinking about how we can create better, more equal cities post-pandemic.  Florida penned The Rise of the Creative Class in 2002, arguing that the “clustering force” of young creatives, knowledge and technology workers in our …

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Demographics for a new decade

Australia’s population will be one million less in 2022 than expected pre-pandemic. But hidden behind this statistic is a huge opportunity to create more vibrant CBDs and better quality buildings, says demographer Simon Kuestenmacher. The phrase ‘demography is destiny’, attributed to French sociologist and philosopher Auguste Comte, is as relevant to real estate today as …

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Lessons in leadership

If we could tie the theme of the 42nd annual Property Congress into a nice neat bow, it would come down to one word: leadership. A record crowd left Hamilton Island last week with stacks of business cards and a big shot of inspiration from a collection of speakers that ranged from former prime ministers to …

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For goodness sake

What is the broader purpose of a property company? We heard from a panel of experts championing a new way of doing business which benefits people, the planet and profit. Is corporate social responsibility a prerequisite of leadership? Lynette Mayne, co-chair of the B Team Australasia, thinks so. “If you aspire to be a leader, …

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